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WiViK 3.2

Changes in WiViK 3.2

In addition to Vista compatibility, the most significant functional changes from previous versions are in the word prediction capabilities. WiViK 3.2 includes WordQ 2 word prediction. WordQ 2 features include:

  • In-context prediction, which provides appropriate predictions as you navigate through popular text editors (e.g., Word, Wordpad, Notepad);
  • Creative spelling support, which often predicts the correct word even if there are small spelling errors in the first few letters typed;
  • A new high-quality text-to-speech voice from the Acapela Group; and
  • Optional speech recognition support through the SpeakQ speech recognition plug-in. (N.B. SpeakQ is sold separately.)

Registered WiViK users are now permitted to run WordQ independent from WiViK without purchasing a separate WordQ license. This new option may be useful to users who are physically able to target keys on the keyboard, but who use WiViK for some of the day (e.g., to reduce fatigue). Before starting WordQ, be sure to completely shut down WiViK and vice versa.

For dwell selection, the maximum selectable dwell-time is now 5.4 seconds (up from approximately 2 seconds in previous versions).
When shutting down WiViK, WordQ automatically saves the user's vocabulary file. (Previous versions prompted the user to save the vocabulary.) This automatic save process can be customized via WordQ's "Preferences" menu item.

It is now possible to load different WordQ vocabularies in response to different WiViK profiles. This advanced capability may be useful for users who write in more than one language. Contact admin@wivik.com to find out more.

Installation directory

WiViK 3.2 includes a major new release of WordQ 2 Writing Software, which provides WiViK's word prediction and text-to-speech capabilities. By default, WordQ 2 will install into a separate directory,
\Program Files\WordQ2, from any previous WordQ 1.x installation. While the previous version of WordQ will continue to work, you may uninstall it after you have successfully installed WordQ 2 and transferred any user vocabularies.

Existing user vocabularies

After installing WiViK, you can transfer any existing user vocabularies by opening them individually with WordQ 2 (Options>Open User...) from the old directory \Program Files\WordQ\WordQ Users and immediately saving them (Options>Save User As...) to the new WordQ 2 directory ..(My) Documents\WordQ2 Users.

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