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  • A Windows® PC with 800 MHz or higher
    processor speed
  • Windows® XP, Vista, 7 (Note: 64-bit Vista/7 beta is available to download)
  • 1 GB RAM or more
  • 300 MB+ of available hard-disk space
  • Sound card and speakers or a headset
    (optional for text-to-speech feature)
  • USB port OR 15-pin joystick port (optional for switch-based scanning input) which is typically found on your sound card. Connect either the PRC USB switch box or the PRC two-switch cable:
    PRCUSB Switch Box PRC two-switch interface cable

Network and single station requirements/hardware configuration

WiViK has been designed for individual workstations with single or multiple users. That is, only one user may run a single installation of WiViK at a time. However, that copy of WiViK may open and run more than one user keyboard and vocabulary file. There are no limits on the number of users on one WiViK installation.

Sound cards

Any sound card may be used, although cards that support multiple output channels are required if other software is used that fully occupies a sound channel (e.g., RealPlayer). Competing sound applications must be turned off while using WordQ with single-channel sound cards. External speakers may be used, but headphones are suggested for classroom use. Text-to-speech voices are included with a telephone frequency range suitable for lower quality headsets.

Windows Vista (32-bit)

WiViK with is currently designed for 32-bit Vista.


To install and use the SpeakQ plug-in, you need:

  • WiViK 3.2 software pre-installed
  • A Windows PC with 1 GHz or higher processor speed (2+ GHz preferred)
  • SpeakQ English v1.5: Windows® XP, Vista (32-bit Vista)*(NOTE: Win 98 is not supported)
  • SpeakQ Français v1.5 (Vista Français seulement) (32-bit Vista)* (NOTE: Win XP is not supported)
  • 1GB+ MB RAM
  • Sound card, noise-canceling microphone (headset or desktop), and headset or desktop speakers.


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