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A free 30-day demonstration version of the software is now available for download. Please evaluate the product to ensure that you are completely satsified before placing an order.

List Pricing (US Dollars)

Note: Please contact Prentke Romich Company or one of their resellers for local pricing and for shipping costs.

WiViK 3 On-Screen Keyboard Software

This all-inclusive package provides access using point and click, dwell selection or switch based scanning as well as word prediction, abbreviation expansion and speech output.
Single-user: $350.00
Five-user: $1,400.00

Note: WiViK incorporates WordQ technology for word prediction, abbreviation-expansion, and speech output in the above package. Starting with WiViK version 3.2, it is also possible to use WordQ standalone (i.e., with a standard keyboard).

Switch Interface Cable (joystick connection)

The Switch Interface Cable is used with the WIVIK 3 on-screen keyboard to provide switch scanning for an individual. Provides two single switch connections.
Single unit: $45.00

Switch Interface Box (USB connection)

The Switch Interface Box is used along with the WIVIK 3 on-screen keyboard to provide switch scanning for an individual. It is connected through the USB port and provides up to six single switch connections, two dual switch connections and a joystick connection.
Single unit: $325.00


You may purchase WiViK directly from the following distributors, or one of their resellers:

United States

Prentke Romich Company
1022 Heyl Road
Wooster, OH 44691
Sales: 800-262-1933
General: (330) 262-1984
Service: 800-262-1990
Consultants: 800-848-8008
Fax: (330) 263-4829
E-mail: info@prentrom.com
Website: www.prentrom.com


Liberator Ltd.
Minerva Business Park,
Tel: +44(0)845 2261144
Fax: +44(0)845 2261155
Email: info@liberator.co.uk
Website: www.liberator.co.uk


1611 Welch Street
North Vancouver, BC
V7P 3G9
Toll free 1-800-561-6222
Local (604) 986-7999
Fax 604-986-7070
E-mail: sales@aroga.com
Website: www.aroga.com



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