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Pointing access

Using any pointing device (e.g., mouse, trackball, touchpad, and headpointer) you can select the WiViK on-screen keys.

All keys work just as they would if you were typing on a physical keyboard. Select a key and WiViK sends it to a word processor, e-mail message, web page or other text-based application you may be using. Keyboards can contain any keys you want, can be moved anywhere on the screen and can be any size. WiViK also has a unique expanding quadrant keyboard for those with limited pointing abilities.

Click selection

Click selection enables you to to select a key by clicking the button associated with your pointing device. There are several optional ways of using this selection method. You can select the key that first point at while clicking, or you can hold the button down while dragging across the keyboard—a useful technique for touchscreen users. Other options include quick shifting a character without using the Shift key by double-clicking a letter; using the right button to quickly perform an Undo action; and selecting a key on pressing the button down rather than waiting for the button to be released.


Dwell selection

Dwell selection allows you to select a key by dwelling or pausing over a key for an adjustable time. There are several optional ways of using this selection method. You can turn on averaging so that if you move off the key while dwelling, you do not have to start the dwelling time over again. The key that you are over most of the time will be the one that is selected. This is very useful if you have difficulty holding the pointing device perfectly still or have imprecise pointing ability. You can also choose to have keys auto repeat or not. Associated with auto repeating is an option to automatically stop repeating if the motion of the pointing device is absolutely still (as in the case of you taking your hand off the device).


Sticky Keys

Sticky keys are standard with the Shift, Caps Lock, Alt and Ctrl keys which automatically latch with a single selection, or latch on with a double selection.

Expanding quadrant selection

Expanding quadrant selection is a WiViK innovation which involves a special keyboard for selecting keys which has been developed for people with imprecise pointing abilities. Quadrants of a keyboard are expanded to provide larger target areas for selection.

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