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What is WiViK?

WiViK® is an on-screen keyboard that enables people with physical disabilities to access any application within Microsoft Windows XP/Vista (32-bit). Instead of a physical computer keyboard, you select keys on a virual, on-screen keyboard that is displayed within a window that you can move and size.

You can select keys by:

  1. Pointing and clicking at keys with some pointing device.
  2. Pointing and dwelling over keys with some pointing device.
  3. Scanning across keys with a moving highlight autmatically or under your control and making selections with discrete switch actions.

WiViK makes manipulating the desktop easier if you use scanning by applying scanning to all desktop objects (menus, windows, scrollbars etc.).

WiViK helps you write faster and more effectively with state-of-the-art word prediction and abbreviation-expansion.

Text-to-speech is included to help you in both your writing and in communication.

Pointing access

Using any pointing device (e.g., mouse, trackball, touchpad, and headpointer) you can select the WiViK on-screen keys.
All keys work just as they would if you were typing on a physical keyboard. Select a key and WiViK sends it to a word processor, e-mail message, web page or other text-based application you may be using. Keyboards can contain any keys you want, can be moved anywhere on the screen and can be any size. WiViK also has a unique expanding quadrant keyboard for those with limited pointing abilities.

Scanning access

With switch-based scanning, a highlight moves or scans across the keyboard. Select the switch to choose the key you want and WiViK sends it to a word processor, e-mail message, web page or other text based application you may be using. With WiViK you can also use the switch to open menus, edit text, move or resize windows, jump to other applications or move the mouse pointer.
While there are several standard scanning strategies available, WiViK also lets you define your own unique strategy based on your abilities and preferences. By choosing the number of switches (1 – 6), the basic scanning method (automatic, directed, inverse/step etc.) and the pattern of scanning movement you prefer (item, row/column, quadrant) you create your own personal scanning strategy which will make accomplishing your tasks easier and faster.

WordQ Word prediction and abbreviation-expansion

WiViK includes WordQ® state-of-the-art word prediction and abbreviation-expansion that saves time and energy. Word prediction incorporates user vocabularies to predict which word is being typed. Begin typing a word. When it appears in the WiViK keyboard, choose it and WiViK will finish typing it for you. This way, there is no need to type the whole word. With abbreviation-expansion two or three letters can expand into phrases or full sentences. Both features help reduce the number of keystrokes needed for typing and can make writing more productive.

WordQ Text-to-speech

To help you with your writing and editing, you can have letters, words, and sentences spoken as you type. This helps you confirm that you have selected the correct character, word, or combination of words and punctuation.

A special reading mode allows you to proofread your text. When Microsoft Word, Outlook, WordPad, or Notepad is used, your text is highlighted and read word-by-word within the application. If you prefer to proofread at your own pace, you have the option to read a word or a sentence at a time. Web browsers and non-standard writing applications can also be read but without highlighting word-by-word.

Some applications will further allow Window items such as menus, lists, icons and buttons to be spoken as you use them.

WordQ Standalone

WiViK users can also use WordQ as a standalone product, i.e., without the onscreen keyboard. This is intended to support users who may start with the rate enhancement features of WordQ with a physical keyboard and progress to onscreen keyboard use as physical abilities change.

SpeakQ Speech recognition

While not included with WiViK, WiViK ver. 3.2 and newer versions support the installation of SpeakQ® speech recognition plug-in to WordQ software. This can be purchased separately. WiViK keyboards are now included that feature the necessary SpeakQ control buttons. While SpeakQ is itself not a hands-free accessibility solution, it offers additional productivity gains for WiViK users who have speaking abilities.

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