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WiViK 2.5 Compatibility

WiViK 2.5 is only compatible with Windows 95, 98 and ME. If you have Windows XP or Vista, you must upgrade to version 3.2 to be compatible.

WiViK 3.2 Compatibility

Windows Vista (32-bit)

*Note: In 64-bit Vista, WiViK 3.2 will only function with 32-bit applications such as Microsoft Office 2007 and 32-bit Accessory applications located under \Program Files\Windows NT\Accessories.

WiViK must run at the same privilege level as the application that it is controlling in Vista. For most applications (e.g., Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, etc.) this will mean that WiViK must run with ordinary user privileges. Because adminstrators automatically run as ordinary users unless Windows detects a need for elevated privileges, you should not need to do anything special to interact with ordinary applications. Do not choose "Run as Administrator" when starting WiViK unless you are interacting with applications operating at this elevated privilege level.

Internet Explorer 7,8 includes a new "Protected" mode. This mode is on by default in Vista and it conflicts with WiViK's word prediction capabilities. If you get word prediction everywhere except Internet Explorer, check to see whether this mode is active (Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Enable Protected Mode). Turning it off and restarting Internet Explorer should eliminate the problem.



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