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     Is there anyway to load a French Word Q dictionary into English WIVIK?


  Yes, you can load the French dictionaries into an English version.


C:\program files\WordQFr\French.dic -> C:\program files\WordQ2\French.dic

C:\program files\WordQFr\French.nwp -> C:\program files\WordQ2\French.nwp

C:\program files\WordQFr\WordQ Templates\cdfr.wdt -> C:\program files\WordQ2\WordQ Templates\cdfr.wdt

C:\program files\WordQFr\WordQ Templates\cdfr_motut.wdt -> C:\program files\WordQ2\WordQ Templates\cdfr_motut.wdt

C:\program files\WordQFr\WordQ Templates\cdfr_vide.wdt -> C:\program files\WordQ2\WordQ Templates\cdfr_vide.wdt


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