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WiViK has a number of benefits over competing products. Evaluate WiViK for yourself to appreciate these benefits.

  • Works in all versions of Windows.
  • Customizable settings enable access with any physical ability, including imprecise pointing and limited movements, as well as abilities that change over time.
  • Unique scanning strategies can be created by choosing the number of switches (1 - 6) along with specific switch actions, scanning method (automatic, inverse/step, or directed), and pattern of scanning movement (item, row/column, quadrant).
  • Scanning keyboard layouts include commands that apply scanning to scrolling, resizing and moving windows, selecting from menus, and positioning the text cursor, that are faster and more effective than mouse emulation.
  • State-of-the-art WordQ™ word prediction and abbreviation-expansion enables you to write faster and with less effort. You can choose a vocabulary level appropriate to yourself (starter, intermediate, advanced). As you write it will learn your writing style and extend your vocabulary to include correctly spelled works derived from a large background dictionary. Background dictionaries that are localized for Canada and the US, including personal and place (cities, towns) names. A true Canadian English dictionary is included.
  • Speech feedback lets you hear what you type and helps you proofread.
  • Intelligent always on top is a WiViK innovation that was first introduced in 1991. In fact WiViK was the first commercial application with the menu setting “Always on top.” You have the choice of having the keyboard always remain on top of all application windows, OR you can let WiViK automatically display itself on top when you need to type. In the latter case, WiViK allows menus and dialogs to display on top of the keyboard when you point to them, thus allowing unobstructed viewing of what you need to see! No other on-screen keyboard has this capability.
  • Automatic key re-sizing is a standard feature only available with WiViK. Keys automatically re-size and text adjusts to fit when WiViK is re-sized. You also have the option of locking the keyboard size and/or position.
  • Adjustable inter-key spacing is a key feature to accommodate individual resolution of pointing control.
  • Easy-to-view keys with customizable fonts that automatically size to the keys. Reverse image feedback of selected keys ensures that you are certain which keys are selected. You can also have keys highlighted as you pass over them with the pointer.
  • Optional hidden menu and title bars maximizes the keyboard area once options are properly set-up for you.
  • Multiple WiViK keyboards may be displayed and used simultaneously; the one in use automatically comes on top.
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